I’m back with more about fashion, beauty, and everything LA!

I’m back!

I started this site a few months ago and then life, of course, got crazy! But I’m so excited to start regularly posting! Get ready for weekly articles about everything fashion, beauty, LA, and just life in general.

A little background about me: I’m a 20-something recent USC college grad who loves adventure, fashion, exploring, writing, acting, and travel. I think all too often people get so caught up in their lives, that they forget to truly live. Because really, “what is life but one grand adventure?” Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s is important to work hard, but to me, life is about all the small moments. It’s when you take the time to enjoy that beautiful sunset, stay up all night drinking wine with your best friend, or passionately go after what you truly love, that matter the most. So that’s why I’m pursuing what I’m most passionate about. Last August, I signed with an agency and have since been going after the dream I’ve had since I was just a seven year old girl: to be an actress. I just love expressing myself creatively, and have also always admired the beauty of the written word.  So if you want to follow along my journey, read about fashion, beauty, life, and everything LA, I’ll be putting out weekly posts!

Xox ♡

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